LuissFreshers’ Welcome Ceremony

‘Logics takes you from A to B, imagination takes you anywhere’ (Albert Einstein)

Over 4 thousand students have started their educational journey at #Luiss. We have welcomed them in the magnificent ‘Viale Pola’ and ‘Viale Romania’ campuses together with Maximo Ibarra Alessandra Ricci Monica Biagiotti Martina Capriotti Maril├╣ Capparelli Davide Caputi Giovanni Lo Storto, valuable examples of entrepreneurial leadership across industries and cultural ecosystems. Maria Latella and Hermione Kitson led a vivid discussion that weaved students’ expectations, leaders’ experiences and keywords of #Luiss #enquirybased educational model, e.g. co-creation, curiosity, method, passion, future-readiness, courage, ambition, collaboration, imagination. These key-words define the unbounded and prospective space of Luiss degree programmes: unique paths that foster students’ independent and critical thinking, ability to learn, learn to learn, and learn to unlearn. Luiss degree programmes enable students to create their own journeys out of such unique paths.